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The Ante or Play Bet and the Aces Up Side Bet in Four Card Poker

four card poker is another thrilling variation of the famous card game poker. Many gamblers and analysts believe that the rules of this variation are similar with three card poker. However, if we will take a better look at four card poker, we can find that this game is more exciting and enjoying than three card poker.

Poker players who want to play the game can choose from the different kinds of bet. Each kind of bet in the game has corresponding bonus payouts or rewards that players can receive if they are lucky and well-prepared for the game. The different kinds of bets that players can place in four card poker are the ante or play bet and the aces up side bet.

Players have the options to place an ante or play bet, an aces up side bet or they can place bets on both the circles in the four card poker table that refer to ante/play bet and aces up bet. To those who only want to increase their winnings by playing against the dealer in the game, they can place an ante or play bet. Hence, to every one who wants to enhance stakes by getting a strong poker hand or a pair made up of aces, they must place an aces up side bet.

An ante bet can decrease the house edge of the game, if a player used efficient betting techniques. To those who like to place ante bets, they must know when it will be advantageous for them to fold or raise their bets. By looking at the faced-up card of the dealer, they must discern if they have great probability of beating the four highest cards of the dealer. If they think that they can beat the cards of the dealer, they are allowed to make a raise up to three times the amount of ante bet that they have already placed.

On the other hand, an aces up side bet offers bonus payouts to players who have a pair made up of aces, three of a kind, straight flush and four of a kind. Those who will place this kind of bet need not to beat the cards held by the dealer. They only need to get these poker hands to increase their income up to 25 times the amount of the bet they have placed.

The ante bet and aces up side bet in four card poker both offers opportunities to players who want to improve their bankroll. What is necessary before they place the bet is that they assess which of these two will be more advantageous to them. If they are skilled poker players, it will be better if they place an ante bet. However, if they are one of the casino players who merely depend on their luck, it will be beneficial for them to choose the aces up side bet.