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Comparison Between Four Card Poker and Crazy Four Poker

If we will take a closer look at the origin of four card poker, we can know that this game was created by Roger Snow, an executive at Shuffle Master Inc. Four card poker is patterned after three card poker which was also developed by Snow. To ensure that the firm will be recognized for the development of the game, Shuffle Master Inc. filed a patent for the game.

Since many casinos showed interest in four card poker, the company launched another poker variation which is known as crazy four poker. Even if this game is not yet prominent in gambling establishments, many people are attracted to crazy four poker because it has similarities with four card poker. Some of the rules in three card poker and four card poker have been altered and they were implemented in crazy four poker.

In four card poker, players can choose whether they will place an ante bet which means that they will play against the game's dealer or they will place an aces up side bet which means that they need to get the best poker hands and a pair made up of aces to win. four card poker players also have the option to place an ante bet and an aces up side bet. When it comes to crazy four poker, players can choose from the betting options which are the ante, super bonus and queens up.

Unlike in four card poker, the dealer and all the players in crazy four poker will receive five cards. The players who placed an ante bet and a super bonus can decide whether they will fold or raise. One of the similarities of the games is that both players of four card poker and crazy four poker aim to defeat the cards held by the dealer with the use of the different poker hands However, four card poker players have better chances in the game since they are allowed to enhance their ante bets three times.

Even if crazy four poker is believed to have a lesser house edge than four card poker, the latter is still more exciting to play and its mechanics are easier to understand. The mixture of rules used in three card poker and four card poker makes the rules of crazy four poker more complicated. Thus, players should prefer playing four card poker than crazy four poker because they have greater odds in this poker variation.