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Decreasing the House Edge of Four Card Poker

House edge is one of the important factors that players should take into consideration every time they plan to place a bet in a particular casino game because it affects players' odds or their chance of increasing their money. There are casino games like poker that do not have house edges, however, casinos still get commissions from the pot where the bets of players are placed. It is necessary that casino visitors know the house edge of a game before they play it so they will have an idea about their chances in the game.

According to studies and to observations made by professional gamblers, four card poker, a variant of poker, has 3.3 per cent house edge. There are also instances wherein the house edge of the can increase to 6.15 per cent. When compared to other games that can be played in casinos, four card poker has bigger house edge because there are casino games that only have less than one per cent house edge. Since the house edge is one of the basis used by players in deciding whether to play the game or not, then most casino visitors will not be encouraged to try four card poker.

To encourage and inspire other casino visitors who are really planning to play four card poker, they should know that there are ways to decrease the house edge of the game to at most 1.98 per cent. It is proven that the house edge of four card poker can be decreased if players will get the poker hands or hand rankings which may give them better payouts.

When players get a combination of four of a kind in a game and they beat the dealer, they are assured that they can decrease the house edge of the game to 1.98 per cent, since it is the best poker hand that can be used in four card poker. If players happen to have a straight flush, the house edge of the game will be decreased to 2.58 per cent and when they have three of a kind poker hand, the house edge will be lessened to 2.78 per cent.

On the other hand, if players are not lucky and they just get two pair, then the game's house edge will be increased to 4.24 per cent. Lastly, if they only get a pair of aces, the house edge will be 6.15 per cent.

To decrease the house edge of four card poker, players need to be lucky as well as they should know when to continue or stop placing aces ups bets. However, players should not worry that they will have limited chances in the game. All they have to do is to explore the other elements of the game because four card poker applies a particular bonus system to enhance the income of players.