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Shuffle Master Inc. and Four Card Poker

Are you one of the many people who want to know who developed the poker variation known as four card poker? Are you interested in knowing which firm was granted with the patent for the game? If you really want to know the company responsible for the increasing prominence of four card poker, then the answer is Shuffle Master Inc.

Shuffle Master Inc. was first known for its introduction of a tool that can help gamblers shuffle and count cards in between games. This device was developed by its founder John Breeding who is in 1982 was just an ordinary truck driver. But even if the device has already been invented, many capitalists did not find the first sample of card counting device perfect and useful. So, Breeding started to improve the device and after ten years of hard work and patience, the first card counting device was launched by the firm in 1992. Since 1992, the device became popular to casino owners because it can prevent card counting cheats to occur.

This is the first time that the company became well known in the gaming industry. The firm began to develop new products and games that will be attractive to gamblers. Two of the gambling games developed by the company are three card poker and four card poker. Both of these card games were developed by one of the executives Shuffle Master Inc., Roger Snow. Snow first developed three card poker. Because the poker variation became popular, he made improvements in the mechanics of the game. Hence, four card poker was developed.

One of the primary reasons why the company developed four card poker is due to the fact that the poker variant uses the card counting and shuffling machine introduced by Shuffle Master Inc. To ensure that the company holds the rights for the game, it decided to file a patent for four card poker and the patent was approved by the United States in 2006. Since the approval of the patent, casinos who want to offer the game to their clients should pay a licensing fee to the company.

There are rumors that the company does not develop the game. However, many references in the Internet and other printed publications prove that it was Roger Snow who created the game and that Shuffle Master Inc. owns the patent. Patent is very important to gambling games companies because they will add profits to the firms. In terms of four card poker, Shuffle Master Inc. is believed to be getting a lot of money from the game, since its prominence in gambling establishments is now becoming visible.