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Useful Betting Techniques for Four Card Poker Expert Players

Betting systems are very helpful to players to enhance their odds as well as lessen the house edge of a particular casino game. It is necessary that professional players have broad knowledge about the effective and best betting techniques to be used in every game. In the case of four card poker, there are betting techniques that can only be used by expert players since they are more complicated than the strategies recommended to novice players.

Four card poker is not just a game of chance. It is also a game where the analytical skills of players are put into test so they should be well-prepared before they participate in a round of four card poker. There are betting systems that professional poker players can apply whenever they play the game. These techniques focus on the appropriate timing for players to triple their ante bets. The strategies are proven to be effective and they will be assured that when they use them they will have increased odds in the game.

Those who develop the techniques advise professional players to completely ignore the value of the faced-up card of the dealer. These techniques can already be used by players by just looking at their own cards. It is recommended that expert players raise their ante bets three times if they have a pair of aces. They can also triple their ante bets if they have a pair of kings, queens, jacks and tens. However, there are important circumstances that they should consider before they raise their bets.

When a player has a pair of kings and does not have an ace, while the dealer's faced-up card is an ace, it will be safer if the player raise the bet one unit. On the other hand, if a player has a pair of queens and the faced-up card of the dealer is either a king or an ace, the player should only raise the bet a unit. Lastly, if the dealer's faced-up card is a queen, a king or an ace, and the player has a pair of jacks, the player should not raise the bet three times because there is a great possibility that the player will lose.

According to experts, these techniques are capable of increasing the payouts to expert players to 98.50 per cent. Aside from the improved payouts, the strategies can also decrease the house edge of the game by almost six per cent. All four poker card professional players are encouraged to try these techniques because they may lead them to success.